Saturday, 15 June 2013

Nurgle Warband Update - What's Cookin' Don?

Have done some thinking about where to take my Nurgle warband and what to add.

Let's start with what I got:

Nurgle Warband so far

  • 1 Zebrotaur
  • 1 Ogre
  • 1 Troll
  • 1 Beastman
  • 2 Warriors
  • 5 Dwarfs
  • 1 Sorcerer

Don, what's cokin' then?

These are currently being brewed : 2 Thugs, 1 Dwarf and 1 Dwarf standard bearer.

Nurgle Warband coming next

What to add?

I definitely need some pestigors (a nurgle warband without a few beastmen is like building LEGO with glue - really bad idea IMO). 

I also would like some additional less powerful creatures - so will probably add some Marauders (or Thugs) and some additional dwarfs. I'll add the two warriors as well in the pic below - mostly because I love those minis. The samurai inspired warrior is a favorite. 

Really like currently to paint larger metal men with a lot of skin so I'll most likely add one or a few minotaurs / trolls / demons / monsters.

Most likely this plan will not be followed as I'm quit impulsive when it comes to painting. 

We'll see...

Another open question is what to use for champion. Just realized I could use the sorcerer as champion. Other ideas are the Nurgle Palaquin, Builing a champion from the Beast of Nurgle and using the Cross breed attribute (with giant snail) or building a mounted champion. Haven't decided what to do...


  1. That dwarf standard bearer if yours is excellent, very organic like a lot of your miniatures.

    If you want my opinion, i would say go for the mounted champion and then for the palanquin once the warband has extended a bit. The crossbred champion can either serve as a hero at first and as a spawn later...

    Some very nice things to come anyway from what we can see

    1. That is a really good idea about the champion. I've been thinking about similar stuff for the warband in general and if I should go with the RoC dice-rolls for building up the warband or just choose whatever I want. I'll probably do a combination where I start with a few choosen once and then go more towards RoC dice-rolls when I have more minis painted up. Thx/Hans

  2. Beyond awesome. Your brush-abilities are simply breathtaking.

    1. Thanks for your kind words and thanks for stopping by /Hans

  3. I absolutely love your shield designs I think I will try and copy one of them myself

    1. Thanks Jason - let me know if you do it. WOuld really like to see your version. Thx/Hans

  4. A very nice collection of figures.
    I especially like your c23 Ogre which is a fantastic miniature :)

    1. Thanks! What I really like with my C23 Ogre is that I have lots more of them :) /Hans


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