Friday, 7 October 2016

Nurgle Army Update: Cavalry Unit Finished!

Hello again!

Been a while. Fell of the grid for a while. Been painting a bit though since last time and in particular finished the Cavalry Unit.

First of all I finished the Leader. Building it was done over 2 years ago (here and here). Went for a quite colorful paint-job and quite a lot of contrasts to make it stand out from the other once.

Nurgle Army Cavalry Leader

Also added a standard bearer using one of the already finished members (here). (Photo slightly messed up)

Nurgle Army Cavalry Standard Bearer (Photo slightly messed up)

Well and here is the complete unit with a movement tray:

Nurgle Army Cavalry Unit
Nurgle Army Cavalry Unit Movement Tray
I'll try to keep the next post not to distant. Until then - thanks for stopping by and love to hear what you think of this stuff!



  1. Glad to see your back Don :)

    Could you give us a few more angles of the two new additions? Bit hard to fully appreciate your kick arse paint jobs with only a side view buddy :)

    Just a little tichy critique though, the chalice on the otherwise fantastic's a bit too dark. Maybe its just the photo? It looks great all the same.

    Cheers Don.

    1. Thanks the one!
      I try to work out a few more angles next time I bring out the camera. Took a few of those shots actually but they got all blurry.
      Great with some critique as well! Hmm - I think you have a point. Maybe use an additional color on the chalice like the red/pink of the horse to make it stand out more.

  2. Just jaw dropping! You display such a strong balance between minimalistic technique and bold colors that make up your personal style. It is as if the cavalry unit is materializing from the frames of those cherished fantasy art books of old.

    1. Thank you very much! Much appreciated comment! /Hans

  3. Lovely as always! Good to have you back.

  4. How did I manage to miss that one !
    Fantastic work again, I'm in love. I will echo Theone's comment about the chalice being a little too dark for contrast but the banner is really cool and the whol ething works a treat the way I see it.

    1. Thanks Asslessman! Well - it was quite a while I did two post within a few days ... :)


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