Sunday, 28 September 2014

Citadel Fiend Factory Wererat (FF13-2)

First finished painted miniature since June when I did the Ostrich Man. Great to be able to post something finished. Been working on several different things since then June, mainly bigger things like my Cavalry Leader and the Minotaur Lord to lead my first Beastmen unit.

Therefore, decided to paint something quicker. Went for the very simple but great Citadel Fiend Factory Were Rat released in 1982. A quite nice sculpt as well compared to many other in the FF series.

Citadel Fiend Factory Wererat (FF13-2) released in 1982

Think I will stick to painting for a while now and just started with the seriously poorly sculpted but charming Crabman. Also from the Citadel Fiend Factory series.

If you are also into these old miniature, check out this post. The full FF range all painted up.



  1. That is a cool sculpt... very well painted on your part. Just the right amount of contrast on the glowing green eyes.

    1. Thanks Finch. I like a bit of glowing but I think it should be kept very limited not to steal too much attention.

  2. Wow that is an excellent fig of course your paint job and one of a kind basing technique don't hurt either

  3. Cool paintjob, looks like an undead skaven - in a good way ;-)


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