Sunday, 11 October 2015

Chaos Warrior and Chaos Thug Standard Bearer

Chaos Warrior and Chaos Thug Standard Bearer:

Lägg till bilNurgle Army / Warband: Chaos Warrior

Nurgle Army / Warband: Chaos Thug Standard Bearer


  1. Love the skin on these guys. The banner looks beautiful. Great work as always Hans.

  2. That banner guy is bloody awesome Don!

    Can't really describe how cool he turned out, well done :)

  3. Very cool, great choice of colours again!

  4. Damn, anothe bunc of wonderful models ! I love the banner with the Milleresque design and the reddish halo around it. Theethereal look of the model will fit perfectly wilh some of your latest model slike the foxman and others, great job again !


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