Sunday, 19 May 2013

Nurgle Warband - Beastman

A Beastman I'm going to use (I think) with my Realm of Chaos Nurgle Warband. This is a bit later model but I think this one shows that there were still cool stuff being designed after the golden era even if they were few and far between

Hope you like it.

Nurgle Beastman
By the way: A few of my earlier pics was of quite poor quality so I updated a few of them.


  1. That's awesome! How did you do the axe? Any metals used or all shades of brown!

    Wasn't sure about the darker base though!

    1. Thanks! I did this one about a year ago so not sure. I think though I started with a dark silver (Bolt gun metal), a lot of black and brown washes and finished with strippling a mix of brown/red.


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