Saturday, 1 March 2014

Realm of Chaos Wasteland Scenery - WIP

Building a few more pieces for the Realm of Chaos Wasteland Scenery and thought I share some WIP pics.

I got the idea to use PVA glue to create smooth and flowing forms to help creating more seamless shapes and also get an organic feel. I basically just squeeze the glue from the bottle directly on the piece and in some cases shape it a bit with a toothpick. I takes a few a layers to build up the shapes. 

Another good thing with PVA glue is that it's get very hard when it dries. Very useful as some of the stuff I'm using are quite brittle.

Thinking about using water effect in a similar way after the painting is done.

Here's a few pics of the result so far:

Part from PVA glue I used Texture paste for the bigger chunks and the Plastic Putty for some on the finer stuff:

Another piece that is ready for painting:

That's all /Hans


  1. Looking fantastic!
    I love the daemonic/organic chaos wastes look you're bringing to life with these pieces.
    I may try my hand at something like this some time in the future.
    Keep up the awesome work :)

  2. Excellent, the scenery is looking great, I agree with Stygianheart in liking the Demonic/Organic look. :)

  3. Amazing stuff! Can't wait to see the final results...


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