Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nurgle Warband Update: First Marauder

Next up is the first Marauder for the warband. This one has Marauder written on the tab but was cataloged as a Thug (thank you again collecting-citadel-miniatures for good and interesting info). With the full armor it looks to me more like a Marauder (or a Warriror) than a Thug.


Right now I'm working on a Thug, Bazooka and my Standard bearer. Hope to have them finished in a few days.

Until then - thanks for visiting!


  1. Damn he's nice as well...

    Do you just eyeball the lines or use a template for the shield?

    Yet again the black and white theme is stunning.

    1. Thanks! I try the idea drawing it first on paper and then use pencil to draw the main lines on the shield and then paint the black on a white base. Last step is adding whatever I feel is missing and then the triangles on the border.

  2. Great job!
    You have a really nice warband!
    thank you for sharing and for the inspiration!


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