Saturday, 8 February 2014

40k Warbands: Trimotes #4 finished

Another Asgard Trimote finished - one to go

Asgard Trimote in Power Armour (S4)



  1. Just how do you manage to blend red to white without having a crappy pink in the middle...
    I really love this one which somehow has a cosmonaut look...
    I'm not sure about what to think of the base or lack thereof... on one hand it keeps the alteration minimal and leaves all the focus on the model (and th epainting really does enhance this) but on another hand, I can't keep myself from seeing the trimotes stand on a small ridiculous rock...
    I hope you get what I mean and I'm sure you have thought about that.

    1. Thanks Asslessman!

      I painted it first white then did a few thin layers with two different pinks. Last step was painting a few very diluted layers of red over most of the pink and the same with hite. I think the key is multiple very diluted layers.

      I know what you mean - wasn't sure what to do initially with the bases but working on them right now actually. Trying something new with these...



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