Saturday, 15 February 2014

Nurgle Army Update: Fiend Factory Werewolf

A Fiend Factory Werewolf (FF19) added to the unit. It was  from the first Citadel Release from 1979 (I think)

Fiend Factory Werewolf (FF19)

This is the pic (borrowed from SOL) from White Dwarf 12 April/May 1979 (bottom left):

White Dwarf 12 April/May 1979

Here is a WIP pic of a C34 Chaos Demon. Quite a restoration job with bent and broken part. Loving it :)

WIP C34 Chaos Demon



  1. Superb. Your models always look like you've used oils.

    I also find a perverse joy out of taking a mangled ball of lead and restoring it to it's former glory. Keep us posted on the demon!

  2. Very nice Werewolf.
    I, like Mr Saturday, will be interested to see how the Demon turns out as well.

  3. Thanks Saturday and Lee! I'll keep you posted on the Demon - watch this space :)


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