Sunday, 30 March 2014

Nurgle Army Update: Two Dwarfs and a Unicorn

Allright! Got some painting done!

Turing my focus back to the Chaos Dwarfs for a while so here is two new ones: Origol The Horrible and The Master Of Madness from the Chaos Dwarf Renegades box.

Origol was a pure please to paint. It was one of those minis where everything just worked out with no hassles and he is one of my favorites in the army so far. I love this kind of simple miniatures: A head, a beard and armor (and well a Trident to). It's all you need.

Chaos Dwarf: Origol The Horrible

Chaos Dwarf: The Master Of Madness from the
Chaos Dwarf Renegades box

Next out is a Citadel Runequest Unicorn Broo. Cool!

Citadel Runequest Unicorn Broo

Did a few minor updates to my Chaos Sorcerer on Lizard Steed  from this post (link)

Thats all /Hans

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Nurgle Army Update: New C38 Beastman and a Chaos Scrine

Finally finished another of the Citadel C38 Beastmen.

Mr Owlman turned out to be a real challenge. The details on the back of the cloak are very fine and don't really "line up". I was close to giving up a few times but stuck in there and happy I did.

Looking at the C38 Beastmen, this sculpt I think stands out. Most of them are warriors but this has a more shamanistic look. It's also one of the few where the "basic sculpt" isn't reused.

Enough talking - here it is:

Citadel C38 Beastman: Owlman

Also painted one of the Chaos scenery things from last post:

Realm of Chaos Scenery: Chaos Shrine

The inspiration for the Chaos shrines/altars I'm working on came from reading about Minotaur and Beastmen in White Dwarf 124 and 125. Didn't found them but here is a screen shot from RoC Lost and the Damned about Chaos Monolith - good reading:

Page 76 in RoC Lost and the Damned
about Chaos Monolith

RoC Lost and the Damned on Scribd


Saturday, 1 March 2014

Realm of Chaos Wasteland Scenery - WIP

Building a few more pieces for the Realm of Chaos Wasteland Scenery and thought I share some WIP pics.

I got the idea to use PVA glue to create smooth and flowing forms to help creating more seamless shapes and also get an organic feel. I basically just squeeze the glue from the bottle directly on the piece and in some cases shape it a bit with a toothpick. I takes a few a layers to build up the shapes. 

Another good thing with PVA glue is that it's get very hard when it dries. Very useful as some of the stuff I'm using are quite brittle.

Thinking about using water effect in a similar way after the painting is done.

Here's a few pics of the result so far:

Part from PVA glue I used Texture paste for the bigger chunks and the Plastic Putty for some on the finer stuff:

Another piece that is ready for painting:

That's all /Hans

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