Friday, 30 May 2014

Camel Man - Another C38 beastman finished

Finished another Citadel C38 beastman that been standing half painted on my desk for a while. The first one with a shield actually.

There is a quite crude relief on the shied that made it difficult to do a freehand job on it. So settled with a quite simple frame instead. Think it worked out pretty well.

Citadel C38 Beastman: Camel Man!


Saturday, 24 May 2014

C27 Goblin Mutants and some WIP


Was getting quite serious with the finishing of the Chaos Dwarf unit so felt like doing something a bit quicker. Turned my attention to my beloved C27 Mutant/Chaos Goblins. Very simple and great minis.

Got temporary fed up with my bases (after painting the movement tray for the Dwarf) so went to green. Might do these is the old style and let them into the army - we'll see.

C27 Chaos/Mutant Goblins

Was out of prepped minis to paint so been doing this lately. I think my focus will go to the Thugs for a while - feel very inspired to paint a few of them. There is about 4 or 5 to finished this one (total of 14). So here is the latest WIP.

Back row:

  • Chaos Thug who till be the standard bearer for that unit
  • Another Thug who will be the leader
  • Chaos Warrior/Lord who will be the leader of the Chaos Warrior unit
Front row:
  • An Asgard mini (CC5 Crabclaw) from the Chaos Creature series - to join the beast unit.
  • A sorcerer. Will add a Familiar to the base as well.
  • Mantis Man! This guy is seriously cool. Looks more like a pimp than a fighter.


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Chaos Dwarf Unit Finished: The Master of Madness Motley Rotters

Yes yes yes yes yes yeeeeeees!

I finally finished a unit for my Chaos Army. Considering my blog had it's 1 year birthday yesterday I can't think of a better way of celebration!

So here they are the: The Master of Madness Motley Rotters (or in Swedish: Den Galna Befälhavarens Brokiga Fähundar)

The Master of Madness Motley Rotters
The Master of Madness Motley Rotters
The Master of Madness Motley Rotters

A few facts:

Total of 14 Chaos Dwarfs - i.e. a multiple of 7 (unholy number of Nurgle)

  • 13 Chaos Dwarfs
  • 1 Level 10 Hero + Heavy Armor + Shield
  • 1 Magic Standard
  • Shields

Chaos Dwarfs in Warhammer Armies
Chaos Dwarfs in
Realm of Chaos Slave to Darkness

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Nurgle Army Update: Two more Chaos Dwarfs

Just finished two more Chaos Dwarfs.

But first of all - I have received 4 Liebster awards (yes - my head did explode as my ego expanded to the end of cosmos). Many thanks to Asslessman, Ana, Mr Saturday and Stone Cold Lead! I have been very slow at responding I'm afraid but am now finally working trough the truths, questions etc. So in a not to distant future...

And well - 100 followers. How cool isn't that. Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen for you interest which is a huge part of my inspiration!

Now, the miniatures!

Khazek Doomlord - from the Chaos Dwarf Renegades box. Was considering painting him in his classic green with yellow chaos star. Decided though on a different approach with a patterned cloak.

Chaos Dwarf: Khazek Doomlord

...and Grimdur Gutwrencher. Continues on my mix of metal and normal color approach. His helmet has a skull resemblance so decided on blending the armor up to a very pale/bone color on especially the face.

Chaos Dwarf: Grimdur Gutwrencher

Also working on the movement tray - here is a WIP pic. It's based on the GW tray with added frame inside of balsa wood and then doing my normal basing stuff on it.

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