Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Space Crusaders: A 40k Khorne Renegade Warband

On board their ancient Space Hulk ready for deployment on a rural planet with one and only one objective: Kill them all - blood for the blood god, skulls for the skull throne - Kill them all!

The warband: One champion and four renegades (so far)

40k Khorne Renegade Warband
40k Khorne Renegade Warband
40k Khorne Renegade Warband

The Champion: A classic Khorne champion - Kruk-Two-Face

The Khorne Champion: Kruk-Two-Face
The Khorne Champion: Kruk-Two-Face 
The Khorne Champion: Kruk-Two-Face 
The Khorne Champion: Kruk-Two-Face 
The Khorne Champion: Kruk-Two-Face 
The Renegades: Four classic renegades from the late 80s. I painted these in a quite different style. Objective was an ancient, battle scarred and evil looking appearance. (Updated pics of these)

The Renegades
The Renegades

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Nurgle Warband Update - What's Cookin' Don?

Have done some thinking about where to take my Nurgle warband and what to add.

Let's start with what I got:

Nurgle Warband so far

  • 1 Zebrotaur
  • 1 Ogre
  • 1 Troll
  • 1 Beastman
  • 2 Warriors
  • 5 Dwarfs
  • 1 Sorcerer

Don, what's cokin' then?

These are currently being brewed : 2 Thugs, 1 Dwarf and 1 Dwarf standard bearer.

Nurgle Warband coming next

What to add?

I definitely need some pestigors (a nurgle warband without a few beastmen is like building LEGO with glue - really bad idea IMO). 

I also would like some additional less powerful creatures - so will probably add some Marauders (or Thugs) and some additional dwarfs. I'll add the two warriors as well in the pic below - mostly because I love those minis. The samurai inspired warrior is a favorite. 

Really like currently to paint larger metal men with a lot of skin so I'll most likely add one or a few minotaurs / trolls / demons / monsters.

Most likely this plan will not be followed as I'm quit impulsive when it comes to painting. 

We'll see...

Another open question is what to use for champion. Just realized I could use the sorcerer as champion. Other ideas are the Nurgle Palaquin, Builing a champion from the Beast of Nurgle and using the Cross breed attribute (with giant snail) or building a mounted champion. Haven't decided what to do...

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Nurgle Warband Update: More Chaos Dwarfs

Two additional evil stunties to my Nurgle warband...I'll probably do a few more :)

Nurgle Warband: Chaos Dwarfs

One thing I made different with these compared to the other warband members was the shields. I wanted something to stand out a bit and also add a bit of personal touch to the paint job. So I decided to paint the shield without shadings or highlight. For Belekhost Deathbringer below I also painted the back of the shield but added a bit of color.

Would love to here your comments on this approch! (thanks)

Chaos Dwarf: Belekhost Deathbringer

Chaos Dwarf: Belekhost Deathbringer

Ori Pointed-Beard below was another old mini that had been mutilated by the need to bits. His right arm was missing as well as the handle for his club. A bit of green stuff and a tentacle solved this.

Chaos Dwarf: Ori Pointed-Beard
Chaos Dwarf: Ori Pointed-Beard

The Nurgle Warband is coming together quit nicely now - I'll probably do a post soon with my plans for the warband and maybe some of the chaos attributes, stats etc. I plan to use.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Nurgle Warband Update: Chaos Dwarfs

A new update to my Nurgle Warband - a few chaos dwarf. Really enjoyed painting these.

Nurgle Warband: Chaos Dwarfs

The one below (Spikes Harveywotan) was in a general very bad shape and was missing his sword so he needed a bit of TLC and green stuff to be good to go. He also ended up with a tentacle tail.

Chaos Dwarf: Spikes Harveywotan
Chaos Dwarf: Ulfo Bloodmask
Chaos Dwarf: Lufin Bristlebeard

A few more chaos dwarf are coming up so I thought I'd share a WIP photo of these: From left to right - Azakil Bonecruncher, Ekalim The Mad and Belekhost Deathbringer. Ekalim will be the standard bearer of the warband. The pole is finished but not sure yet if I am going to keep the three shields or use banners or maybe both.

From left to right:
Azakil Bonecruncher, Ekalim The Mad and Belekhost Deathbringer

That's all for now. Thx!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Night Horrors

Lost track again with my Nurgle Warband and painted a few Night Horrors. From left to right: Spectre, Demon and Spectral Claw. Hope you like 'em!

Night Horrors.
From left to right: Spectre, Demon and Spectral Claw 

Night Horrors
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