Sunday, 28 July 2013

Nurgle Warband Update: Warrior and a thought...

Next one is a Chaos Warrior - also this one with a oriental twist. A bit of Mongol I think. I guess his name Chengis Crump points in the same direction.

Mongol Chaos Warrior: Chengis Crump

Progress has been a bit slow lately - the weather has been absolutely great so sitting indoors has not really bin an option. A few things is lined up though:

Warband Work in Progress: Two Warriros, one Thug,
Helwud (as Thug leader) and a Marauder

A thought: 

I am about to paint Helwud and did some browsing on the internet to find some information about him and his brother. I came across a great article on RoC80s (link) about Malal and learned that the colors of Malal is black and white. Hmmm - most interesting...

Am I possessed by Malal? Was my idea with painting black and white shields forced upon me by the most evil of the dark gods?

An idea am considering is going Malal with the warband/army. As I haven't really painted the minis in a very Nurglish way I think the only obstacle is me making up my mind. I have to think about this...we'll see

Am I possesed by Malal?

Monday, 22 July 2013

Nurgle Warband Update: Thug in bone armor

This is a great sculpt. The bone armor is perfectly sculpted making it a pleasure to paint. Quite happy with the paint job as well.

I went for a uniform look all over the mini where the shield is the only contrast.

For the shield I continued with black & white but have left the graphical / straight lines design on this one (also on the Marauder in the previous post) and gone for a design inspired by Ian Miller. Not sure if it looks Ian Miller but that is the inspiration.

Nurgle Warband: Thug in Bone armor
Nurgle Warband: Thug in Bone armor
Nurgle Warband: Thug in Bone armor

Friday, 19 July 2013

Nurgle Warband Update: Two Marauders and a Bazooka

Next addition to my warband are two marauders and a chaos dwarf bazooka.

I tried a new approach to the armor of the marauders and going gold-green. Think it looks good on the marauder in full armor (Kraan Headcleaver). Not sure about the color combination on the one with bare legs though (Lunkop Banesmite). But hey - it's chaos and anything goes.

Kraan Headcleaver is the metal-man from the previous post/tutorial - now with a few tufts and a shield as well. A funny thing painting him was that the first color out after base coat was painting it all gold. He very much looked like a fantasy C3PO. I almost kept it like that.

Chaos Marauder Kraan Headcleaver
Chaos Marauder Kraan Headcleaver
Chaos Marauder Lunkop Banesmite
Chaos Dwarf Bazooka
Chaos Dwarf Bazooka

The warband is getting quite big now and as Gaj suggested in a previous post I might be working my way toward an army (even if I don't know it - LOL). I think he on to something and I am considering going army style. I am thinking though to paint a unit of Oriental heros / Samurais / Ninjas as well.....we'll see.

Thanks for watching! /Hans

Thursday, 18 July 2013

How I create my Nurgle Warband bases

I was asked to show how I make my Nurgle warband bases. Very happy to do that so here it is. I took the pictures on the fly so they are not the best quality but hopefully good enough.

1) Preparing the base

1.1 Pic 01: I use a texture paste and apply this to the base with a palette knife. This takes at least 12 h to dry enough to continue. 

1.2 Pic 02-04: This is the basing material. Basically stuff I found on a beach. I use a gel super glue that is a lot less hazardous than normal superglue and does not bond skins in a second (nice!)


1.3 Pic 05-07: I undercoat the base in Bestigor Flesh and attach the mini. Usually I don't finish painting the mini before basing. First I attach the skulls (from GW) and then the rest of the stuff.


1.4 Pic 08-09: Next up is applying the plastic putty (directly from the tube). I cover the cracks, skulls and add it all over the place.


1.5 Pic 10-12: After the putty dried for maybe 5 minutes I poke around in it with something sharp to make it look more interesting (resulting in pic 10). Not sure sure how long it takes to dry completely but probably at least an hour. In the meanwhile - I painted the mini in pic 11 (coming soon). After the putty is dry I base coat it in Bestigor Flesh.


2) Painting:

2.1 Pic 13-15: For the highlights I use a W&N series 7 size 2 brush. I prefer to use bigger brushes (if possible) and this is my very favorite. BTW: Just started to use W&N series 7 and they are magically however very pricey.

An important aspect of my painting is to build up the paint job with multiple transparent layers using very diluted paint (pic 14). This helps me with getting a smooth blend and also a nice luster. This is what I do with all my painting. So each of the step/color below is done a few times. As the paint is very thin it dries in a few seconds so there is no waiting time between the layer. I just continue with each color 'til I'm satisfied.

Pic 15 shows the colors to be used. As you can see it is only the latest addition of the Citadel paints. I was not a fan of the previous editions (except the first of course) but the latest one is really good in my opinion. They dry a bit too fast in the pot buy painting with them is pure pleasure.


2.2 Pic 16: Before highlights I do a wash of diluted Fuegan Orange.

2.3 Pic 17-23: Highlights

2.3.1 Pic 17: First out is Kislev Flesh. This I apply quite roughly and also in some of the recesses to remove some of the brightest orange.
 2.3.2 Pic 18: Next is Nurgling Green. With each step greater care is taken where I apply the paint.
2.3.3 Pic 19: Krieg Khaki (quite unnecessary step to be honest)
 2.3.4 Pic 20: Flayed One Flesh - quite like old Bleached Bone
 2.3.5 Pic 21: Pallid Wych Flesh (a new favorite).
2.3.6 Pic 22: Final highlight is with white and applied quite selectively.
2.3.7 Pic 23: The border is painted grey.

Allright - that's all. Merry lurking and a happy new paint job to you all :)

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Nurgle Warband Update: Another Thug

Finished another Thug - Mr Goatfoot.  For me a very classic mini after looking many many times at Ivan Bartleet's version of it in 1990 Fantasy Miniatures.

I'm really happy with the shied. Probably the best one I have ever done in my opinion. The design is not my own though. I was considering a few different options when I by accident came across this design in Warhammer armies (page 91) and realized it was perfect for this round concave Marauder shield.

Hope you like it.

Chaos Thug: Goatfoot
Chaos Thug: Goatfoot
Chaos Thug: Goatfoot

At last a new group shot of the warband. It's done with my phone so unfortunately not the best quality.

Nurgle Warband

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nurgle Warband Update: First Marauder

Next up is the first Marauder for the warband. This one has Marauder written on the tab but was cataloged as a Thug (thank you again collecting-citadel-miniatures for good and interesting info). With the full armor it looks to me more like a Marauder (or a Warriror) than a Thug.


Right now I'm working on a Thug, Bazooka and my Standard bearer. Hope to have them finished in a few days.

Until then - thanks for visiting!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Nurgle Warband Update: Thugs and Dwarfs

A very productive weekend is about to finish and my vacation will start on Monday. Pefection in my opinion!

I managed to finish 4 new combatants for my Nurgle warband and will probably finish a Chaos Marauder later tonight. Here are the four fellows:

Nurgle warband: Latest additions 

First out is a Chaos Thug. Not sure if GW ever named this one. Does anyone known? A good sculpt I think with a good face that I spent a little more time on.

Chaos Thug
Chaos Thug
Chaos Thug

Next out is another Chaos Thug that I think is know to most as Skull-Face. A beautiful stupid look. Love how is scratches his head.

Chaos Thug: Skull-Face 
Chaos Thug: Skull-Face

At last the Chaos Dwarfs Ninja and Khardang Bloodsucker.The Ninja is a great mini and I have a thing for oriental minis at the moment so this was a natural pick for the warband. Khardang is perfect for a Nurgle warband.

Chaos Dwarf Ninja
Chaos Dwarf Khardang Bloodsucker

Hope you like 'em!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Nurgle Warband Update: A Samurai and a Dwarf

Two new additions to my Nurgle warband.

First out is the Samurai inspired Chaos Warrior: Sukiyaki The Inscrutable. Very much one of my favorite Chaos Warriors and a lot of fun to paint.

I added a second sword in his left hand as it looked like he was holding an invincible Katana - now he is holding a visible Katana in a reverse grip (very Ninja). In my opinion, an improvement :)

Sukiyaki The Inscrutable
Sukiyaki The Inscrutable
Sukiyaki The Inscrutable

Next out is the Chaos Dwarf: Azakil Bonecruncher

Azakil Bonecruncher
Azakil Bonecruncher
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