Monday, 30 September 2013

Nurgle Warband Update: Thugs

Elwood (or was it Helwud?) is now the leader of the Thugs. His brother, a standard bearer and a few other Thugs will join the unit as well. Decided for now at least to group the Marauders and Thugs into one unit.

The unit so far:

Nurgle Warband: The Thugs (so far) 
Nurgle Warband: The Thugs (so far) 
Nurgle Warband: The Thugs (so far) - shields

And almighty Helwud - leader of the pack:

Tried a new thing and did outlining in a lighter color than the base using very diluted Citadel Kabalite Green. Looks quite cool IMO. Really like this green color - a bit of ethereal / eerie feeling to it.

Nurgle Warband: Helwud - leader of the Thugs
Nurgle Warband: Helwud - leader of the Thugs

  • Elwood: It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses.
  • Jake: Hit it.

Hope you enjoyed it! / Don Hans

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Nurgle Warband Update: Troll

This is an old Ral Partha Troll from I think mid 80's. Great sculpt with a lot of very fine details and definition.

I really enjoyed this one, much due to that he is nude - or actually closer to the truth -  it was only the skin to focus on. Really like this kind of simplicity.

I chose blue as the core color and circled around the blues with a bit of green and tiny amount of red. I rarely use blue as the main color (don't know why) but wanted something that really contrasted (for a change) the orange and red of the base.

Typically I paint the hair in the same way as the skin but do some deviations in the shadows and highlight. On this troll though the hair and skin got the same treatment.

As the base was quite large my standard paint job wasn't enough (looked a bit flat) so finished off by adding a bit of red in a few places. Originally I also thought of adding some nurglings or familiars, but in the end went for simplicity.

Nurgle Warband: Ral Partha Troll

Nurgle Warband: Ral Partha Troll

Nurgle Warband: Ral Partha Troll

Nurgle Warband: Ral Partha Troll

T-t-t-t-that's all folks!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Rule Idea: Random Encounters in the Chaos Wasteland

I got a rule idea out of nowhere yesterday evening building a movement tray for my Nurgle Cavalry. Hope this can bring some additional fun combating with your warbands.

(Posted this idea on the Oldhammer forum as well:

1. The idea is quite simple: 

Moving into new territory on your gaming board there is a risk of being attacked by a random creature. My thinking is that in the chaos wasteland various creatures are looming around and your warband run a risk of being attacked by one at any time…mwahahahahaaaaa

2. Preparations: 

  • Grid: Divide your gaming board into a grid, e.g. 10 x 6 squares or rectangles.
  • Creature list: Prepare a list of your creatures to be used. E.g.
    1. Giant Snail
    2. Minotaur
    3. Giant Spider
    4. Bestment (x4)
    5. Troll
    6. Zombies (x4)

3. Rules:

Key components of the rule:

  • When any unit enters a new cell of the decided grid, roll a D6. On a 6 you are being attacked.
  • If attacked, roll a new dice. Choose a D4, D6, D10, etc. depending on number of entries in your creature list. E.g. a result of 5 and you are attacked by a troll with the Creature list in above example.
  • The creature moves into close combat with the unit that has moved closest to the center of this cell of the grid.
  • Combat resolved as normal.

A band of dwarf attacked by a Minotaur

Options: I scribbled this down quite quickly and I guess that there are more details to resolve. Here are a few options I thought of:

  • Alternatively to dice rolling, a GM decides where and what to encounter on the fly or have decided this prior to starting the game.
  • It could make sense that an encounter only can take place if the specific grid cell contains some kind of scenery such as a ruin, grove, cave or well. 
  • One could decide that if the same cell is entered again nothing happens if the creature was slain previously. Possible if the creature won, entering that same cell again there is a 100% risk of being attacked. Your choice.
  • Fleeing units may or may not fall under these rules. I would opt for that they are being attacked under these rules…mwahahahahaaaa
  • I stated that on a roll of 6 on a D6 you are being attacked. This should probably be adjusted depending on the size of your gaming board and size and number of cells in the grid.

4. Why?

  • The main advantage in my view is this gives one the opportunity to use any random mini in your collection (or get a reason to paint it) that might not fit any army and never will. The creature list can contain anything. From a Giant to a few snotlings or maybe a dwarf adventure party or why not a few Slanns.
  • Some additional randomness is of course also a lot of fun…mwahahahahaaaa

5. Oh... and by the way 

  • I have no idea if this is already covered by some rules somewhere. Of course role playing use something similar.
  • I got the idea for Realm of Chaos games, but the rules could be used for any kind of game system. Skirmish games seems most suited though

The evidence: This picture taken during one of Ian Millers
many travels to the chaos wasteland clearly shows random
 creatures waiting in ambush.

I am very keen on getting your comments. Do you think this would be fun? Have you tried something similar? What have I missed?

Thx/Don Hans

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Nurgle Warband Update: Cavalry nr. 6

(23/9: Updated the pics of the Dwarf and tried a black background.)

Another undead cavalry horse but this time with a dwarf. The horse was very tiny and looked more like a pony - a dwarf seemed therefore like the right choice. I choose Lastro Lupintal from the Dwarf Lords of Legend box as he has a Oriental/Araby look which I really liked.

The horse received some conversions on its back: some skulls on a rope, a couple of chains, a bit of canvas, a shield and some sort of banner/decoration stolen from a temple dog.

Lastro got his right hand re-positioned and got a new sword. He had a good starting pose for a rider but quite a lot of work went into making him fit the pony.

For the paint job I decided on using few colors and try to achieve an "eerie" look. Especially as Lastro had no mutations or other stuff to make him look very chaotic. (I don't think the shield works so considering replacing it or add some more paint - need to make it more structured)

Nurgle Cavalry
Nurgle Cavalry
Nurgle Cavalry
Nurgle Cavalry
A wip-pic of the conversion:

Nurgle Cavalry

The final mini for this unit, cavalry nr 7 is in the making. He will be the unit leader - here a WIP shot of him (he might receive a banner attached to the horse):

Nurgle Cavalry
A new group shot as well. I was a bit concerned with the dwarf as he did not have a dynamic pose as the others have and that it would disturb the overall appearance. I tried to arrange this unit in different ways and concluded having the dwarf close to the middle solved this.

Nurgle Cavalry

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Nurgle Warband Update: Cavalry nr. 5

An undead horse with a new tail (the old one was basically just a lump of metal) with a converted undead rider. The rider just received a new helmet and head made out of Pro-create.

The background (short version) for this rider is an old Bretonnian knight who has fought long and hard in the chaos wasteland. The remains of a caparison still attached to his horse. This is one of the reasons as well I kept the riders clothing in the same green.

Have five riders now but at least two more will be added with would leave me at seven - the (un)holy number of Nurgle. Then I think I'll finish the other units to have a first gameable version ready for this army...and yes, the General as well.

(23/9: Updated the pics with a black background - much better IMO)

Nurgle Cavalry
Nurgle Cavalry
Nurgle Cavalry

And an updated group shot:

Nurgle Warband Cavalry

Thanks for stopping by! /Hans

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Nurgle Warband Update: THE GENERAL

The General has finally stepped out of the shadow to display all his glorious putrefaction. This is just a quick mock up of the key parts for this mini.

I have had this idea for some time now but needed to get hold of the C29 Giant Carnivorous Bird. Bought it a while ago from Steve Casey - Thanks Steve!

The Nurgle General
Just got back from a vacation in Nice, France which unfortunately overlapped the Oldhammer weekend. Have checked out the various post from that event and it seems to have been an absolute success. How great! Hope to make it to next one and by then I should probably have a gameable version ready of this army. See you then :)


Monday, 9 September 2013

Nurgle Warband Update: Cavalry WIP

A quick post with a few WIP pics of two new Cavalary units.

Nurgle Warband Cavalry WIP

Nurgle Warband Cavalry WIP

Nurgle Warband Cavalry WIP

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