Sunday, 31 August 2014

A lot of WIPs

Nothing finished in the past month but few WIP for the nurgle army:

Skeletons: A start for a unit of skeletons. Might be for an undead army/warband or for a unit of Plague Skeletons. Quite keen on the second option.

A start for a unit of skeletons

Cavalry: With the build of the cavalry leader finished I'm working on finishing the whole unit. A movement tray and a few upgrades:

Cavalry unit movement tray

This is the cavalry mini who is getting a makeover. I'm chaning the mutation of the rider. It had previously a very ugly claw that didn't work at all (including its color). Decided therefore for a "tentacle cape". I thinkg this works well with the composition and especialy with the flying cape of the rider.

Cavalry make over
Cavalry make over
Cavalry make over

This is the original: As you can see I have also repainted the base border.

Cavalry pre make over

Army General: Started aslo with the army General: Hieronymus the Pious. An early WIP photo. So far attached the different parts for the general. The big thing will be to build a cool saddle.

WIP Army General:
Hieronymus the Pious

WIP Army General:
Hieronymus the Pious

WIP Army General:
Hieronymus the Pious

New beast(men) unit: Selected a few minis for a new beast(men) unit.

Front row, left to right:

  • Asgard D3 Dragon Lizard
  • Citadel C38 Beastman Fox Priest
  • Citadel Runequest Demon Rult
  • Citadel Weird Fantasy WF16 Midlands Troll (Bryan Ansell)
  • Citadel Runequest Broo Commander
  • Asgard Creatures of Chaos CC7 Four Fang

Back row, left to right:

  • Not sure - Asgard I thinkg
  • Asgard Creatures of Chaos CC6 Trunkhand Tuskoid
  • Citadel C22 Creatures Chaos Demon
  • Citadel Fiend Factory FF4-1 Crabman
Nice group of minis, don't you say?

Asgard Creatures of Chaos CC7 Four Fang.
A favorite mini of mine

Minotaur Lord: Have also started painting the Minotaur Lord that will be the leader of the first unit of beastmen. A lot of work left but happy with the start.

Minotaur Lord

Hope you enjoyed it!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Finished Building Nurgle Cavalry Leader

Finally finished the build of the Cavalry leader.

Went for a much more Chaos and Nurgle look to it compared to the rest of the unit. The horse is a Skeleton Horse (obviously) with lots of bits added to it. The rider started with a plastic zombie torso, knight legs, great unclean one right arm, plague bearer left arm, a random head and a visor. The exposed spine is from a plastic skeleton horse that I cut up in pieces. The rest is my own sculpt. (The rider is tilting a bit down - the right arm should actually point more directly forward)

Nurgle Cavalry Leader

Nurgle Cavalry Leader

Nurgle Cavalry Leader

Nurgle Cavalry Leader

Here is a WIP pic of a banner. It will be in the beastman unit or the army banner, we'll see. It's just the wings from the DRAG4 Great Fire Dragon (I only have the wings...luckily). 

Nurgle Cavalry Leader


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