Monday, 1 December 2014

Nurgle Army Update: New additions to the Creature unit


Not much activity on the blog or communities from me for a while. Too much other stuff at the moment I'm afraid. Manged a bit of painting here and there though and added a few more to the creature unit introduced here.

So here are four new - hope you enjoy!

Citadel Runequest: Demons, Rult: A great Runequest mini just perfect for a Nurgle army. Did it with more typical nurgle colors witch I think suited its ragged look.

Citadel Runequest: Demons, Rult

Citadel Runequest: Broo / Beastman: Really cool Broo. Also added a nurgling to the base and got to paint a shield as well. Been a while since I done that. Kept the back & white approach. Quite tricky painting the shield as there where tiny reliefs on it demanding consideration. The idea for the design is the classic nurgle symbol where each relief is in the center of one of the three circles.

Citadel Runequest: Broo / Beastman

Citadel Runequest: Demons, Stalker: Another Runequest demon, this time a Stalker. Kept the palette very simple on this one.

Citadel Runequest: Demons, Stalker

Citadel Fantasy Specials: FS52 Large Statue: This is as the name suggests intended to be a statue. I thought though it would be perfect to this unit as an odd creature. Especially liked that it had a pedestal. Added something extra to the unit. Also on this one I kept the palette simpler focusing on light browns and blues/turquoise. The intention was to have a skin tone like feel with an added creepiness by the blues/turquoise. A little snake was induced as well on the mushroom (not sure which series)

Citadel Fantasy Specials: FS52 Large Statue

That's all for now. Thanks of stopping by!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Crabman!

Finished the Citadel Fiend Factory FF4-1 Crabman.

A very old citadel miniature. Part of the very first releases appearing in White Dwarf 12 (April / May 1979). The sculpts of these old minis varies a lot and I think you would agree this isn't the best. I like it though. In particular what I like with the old and strange is that they open up to your own interpretation and creativity. I.e. A weird mini = a weird paint job :)

Citadel Fiend Factory FF4-1 Crabman

It will be part of my new beast man unit which will probably be more of a creature unit (introduced here)

Found this illustration of it on the oldhammer forum:

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Citadel Fiend Factory Wererat (FF13-2)

First finished painted miniature since June when I did the Ostrich Man. Great to be able to post something finished. Been working on several different things since then June, mainly bigger things like my Cavalry Leader and the Minotaur Lord to lead my first Beastmen unit.

Therefore, decided to paint something quicker. Went for the very simple but great Citadel Fiend Factory Were Rat released in 1982. A quite nice sculpt as well compared to many other in the FF series.

Citadel Fiend Factory Wererat (FF13-2) released in 1982

Think I will stick to painting for a while now and just started with the seriously poorly sculpted but charming Crabman. Also from the Citadel Fiend Factory series.

If you are also into these old miniature, check out this post. The full FF range all painted up.


Sunday, 31 August 2014

A lot of WIPs

Nothing finished in the past month but few WIP for the nurgle army:

Skeletons: A start for a unit of skeletons. Might be for an undead army/warband or for a unit of Plague Skeletons. Quite keen on the second option.

A start for a unit of skeletons

Cavalry: With the build of the cavalry leader finished I'm working on finishing the whole unit. A movement tray and a few upgrades:

Cavalry unit movement tray

This is the cavalry mini who is getting a makeover. I'm chaning the mutation of the rider. It had previously a very ugly claw that didn't work at all (including its color). Decided therefore for a "tentacle cape". I thinkg this works well with the composition and especialy with the flying cape of the rider.

Cavalry make over
Cavalry make over
Cavalry make over

This is the original: As you can see I have also repainted the base border.

Cavalry pre make over

Army General: Started aslo with the army General: Hieronymus the Pious. An early WIP photo. So far attached the different parts for the general. The big thing will be to build a cool saddle.

WIP Army General:
Hieronymus the Pious

WIP Army General:
Hieronymus the Pious

WIP Army General:
Hieronymus the Pious

New beast(men) unit: Selected a few minis for a new beast(men) unit.

Front row, left to right:

  • Asgard D3 Dragon Lizard
  • Citadel C38 Beastman Fox Priest
  • Citadel Runequest Demon Rult
  • Citadel Weird Fantasy WF16 Midlands Troll (Bryan Ansell)
  • Citadel Runequest Broo Commander
  • Asgard Creatures of Chaos CC7 Four Fang

Back row, left to right:

  • Not sure - Asgard I thinkg
  • Asgard Creatures of Chaos CC6 Trunkhand Tuskoid
  • Citadel C22 Creatures Chaos Demon
  • Citadel Fiend Factory FF4-1 Crabman
Nice group of minis, don't you say?

Asgard Creatures of Chaos CC7 Four Fang.
A favorite mini of mine

Minotaur Lord: Have also started painting the Minotaur Lord that will be the leader of the first unit of beastmen. A lot of work left but happy with the start.

Minotaur Lord

Hope you enjoyed it!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Finished Building Nurgle Cavalry Leader

Finally finished the build of the Cavalry leader.

Went for a much more Chaos and Nurgle look to it compared to the rest of the unit. The horse is a Skeleton Horse (obviously) with lots of bits added to it. The rider started with a plastic zombie torso, knight legs, great unclean one right arm, plague bearer left arm, a random head and a visor. The exposed spine is from a plastic skeleton horse that I cut up in pieces. The rest is my own sculpt. (The rider is tilting a bit down - the right arm should actually point more directly forward)

Nurgle Cavalry Leader

Nurgle Cavalry Leader

Nurgle Cavalry Leader

Nurgle Cavalry Leader

Here is a WIP pic of a banner. It will be in the beastman unit or the army banner, we'll see. It's just the wings from the DRAG4 Great Fire Dragon (I only have the wings...luckily). 

Nurgle Cavalry Leader


Sunday, 29 June 2014

Citadel C38 Ostrich Man!

Just finished the Ostrich Man from the Citadel C38 series. Seriously weird creature - just what I like :)

Citadel C38 Ostrich Man

That would be the final beastman for this unit - "just" the Minotaur Lord left which is not in progress. And well, might replace one of the current once with a new one with a banner. A BIG banner made out of two dragon wings (from the DRAG4 Great Fire Dragon) - more to follow...


Friday, 27 June 2014

Army time!

I haven't put all the minis togther since the army was a little warband (which was the objective to start with). I realized it's grown quite a lot since starting out about a year ago.

So here it is - the army so far:

Chaos Nurgle Army - so far

On the to-do list:
  • Finish Thug unit
  • Finish Warrior unit
  • Finish Cavaly Leader
  • Finish Army General
  • Finish Beastmen unit (actually only leader and Ostrich man left)
  • Start a new Beastmen unit 
  • More trolls
  • More monsters
  • More creatures

This is some of the minis that might go into the army. It's mostly Citadel with a few Asgard and other random makers - lots of pre-slotta/solid base stuff :)

And at last: Was checking our how my Minotaur Lord would look like as leader of the Beastmen. I think it look pretty awesome! It's such a contrast to the Beastmen that I think really works

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Citadel Fiend Factory Cyclops (FF14-1)

Painted this a few weeks ago. Not the best sculpt ever - actually quite ugly. But I can't help myself loving this old sculpts.

Could easily be used as a Plague Bearer as well....might come in handy.

Citadel Fiend Factory Cyclops (FF14-1)
Thats all

Sunday, 15 June 2014

W.I.P's Minotaur Lord and Cavalry Leader

Currently doing some modelling, haven't done that in a while.

First one is a Minotaur Lord who will be the leader of my beast(men) unit. Will also serve as possible warband leader if the dice allows it. Not much modelling on the Minotaur except fixing the joins, especially the head/body as their is a lot of fur going on there which needed some attention. Added a few Nurglings to the base.

Love this Minotaur, very dynamic and powerful and very chaotic!

Second one is my leader for the cavalry unit which has standing on my desk for much too long time. This is a lot of modelling and conversions and bitz.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

My Favorite Citadel C38 Beastman

My favorite beastman in the Citadel C38 range is the Mantis Man. A cool dude in a cape with no weapons or equipment of any sorts expect his charm and hypnotic eyes. He will stare you to death!

(Or he just had a bath and is hiding his nudity with his favorite towel in front of a flange of Slaanesh baboons paparazzi...)

Well, whatever he is, here he is:

Citadel C38 Mantis Man

Mantis Man in the Citadel Mail Order Flyers - July 1984 (pic from Stuff of Legends)

C38 Beastmen  in the Citadel Mail Order Flyers - July 1984
C38 Beastmen  in the Citadel Mail Order Flyers - July 1984

In the same flyer is a drawing of  Golgoth Lord of Balrogs (TA1) from the Tony Ackland's Arcane Monstrosities range. This is currenclty being stripped and I'm planning to paint it quite soon...or as soon a the paint comes of (might be a while it seems):

Golgoth Lord of Balrogs (TA1) from the
Tony Ackland's Arcane Monstrosities range

And at last, prepped and primed a few more:

From left to right (all Citadel): C38 Fox Man/Priest, C38 Ostrich Man,
Runequest Rult and Runequest Stalker

Thanks for stopping by! /Hans

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Asgard CC5 Crabclaw

A quick update: Crabclaw from the fantastic Asgard series Creatures of Chaos

Asgard CC5 Crabclaw

All for now /Hans

Friday, 30 May 2014

Camel Man - Another C38 beastman finished

Finished another Citadel C38 beastman that been standing half painted on my desk for a while. The first one with a shield actually.

There is a quite crude relief on the shied that made it difficult to do a freehand job on it. So settled with a quite simple frame instead. Think it worked out pretty well.

Citadel C38 Beastman: Camel Man!


Saturday, 24 May 2014

C27 Goblin Mutants and some WIP


Was getting quite serious with the finishing of the Chaos Dwarf unit so felt like doing something a bit quicker. Turned my attention to my beloved C27 Mutant/Chaos Goblins. Very simple and great minis.

Got temporary fed up with my bases (after painting the movement tray for the Dwarf) so went to green. Might do these is the old style and let them into the army - we'll see.

C27 Chaos/Mutant Goblins

Was out of prepped minis to paint so been doing this lately. I think my focus will go to the Thugs for a while - feel very inspired to paint a few of them. There is about 4 or 5 to finished this one (total of 14). So here is the latest WIP.

Back row:

  • Chaos Thug who till be the standard bearer for that unit
  • Another Thug who will be the leader
  • Chaos Warrior/Lord who will be the leader of the Chaos Warrior unit
Front row:
  • An Asgard mini (CC5 Crabclaw) from the Chaos Creature series - to join the beast unit.
  • A sorcerer. Will add a Familiar to the base as well.
  • Mantis Man! This guy is seriously cool. Looks more like a pimp than a fighter.


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Chaos Dwarf Unit Finished: The Master of Madness Motley Rotters

Yes yes yes yes yes yeeeeeees!

I finally finished a unit for my Chaos Army. Considering my blog had it's 1 year birthday yesterday I can't think of a better way of celebration!

So here they are the: The Master of Madness Motley Rotters (or in Swedish: Den Galna Befälhavarens Brokiga Fähundar)

The Master of Madness Motley Rotters
The Master of Madness Motley Rotters
The Master of Madness Motley Rotters

A few facts:

Total of 14 Chaos Dwarfs - i.e. a multiple of 7 (unholy number of Nurgle)

  • 13 Chaos Dwarfs
  • 1 Level 10 Hero + Heavy Armor + Shield
  • 1 Magic Standard
  • Shields

Chaos Dwarfs in Warhammer Armies
Chaos Dwarfs in
Realm of Chaos Slave to Darkness

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Nurgle Army Update: Two more Chaos Dwarfs

Just finished two more Chaos Dwarfs.

But first of all - I have received 4 Liebster awards (yes - my head did explode as my ego expanded to the end of cosmos). Many thanks to Asslessman, Ana, Mr Saturday and Stone Cold Lead! I have been very slow at responding I'm afraid but am now finally working trough the truths, questions etc. So in a not to distant future...

And well - 100 followers. How cool isn't that. Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen for you interest which is a huge part of my inspiration!

Now, the miniatures!

Khazek Doomlord - from the Chaos Dwarf Renegades box. Was considering painting him in his classic green with yellow chaos star. Decided though on a different approach with a patterned cloak.

Chaos Dwarf: Khazek Doomlord

...and Grimdur Gutwrencher. Continues on my mix of metal and normal color approach. His helmet has a skull resemblance so decided on blending the armor up to a very pale/bone color on especially the face.

Chaos Dwarf: Grimdur Gutwrencher

Also working on the movement tray - here is a WIP pic. It's based on the GW tray with added frame inside of balsa wood and then doing my normal basing stuff on it.

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