Monday, 1 December 2014

Nurgle Army Update: New additions to the Creature unit


Not much activity on the blog or communities from me for a while. Too much other stuff at the moment I'm afraid. Manged a bit of painting here and there though and added a few more to the creature unit introduced here.

So here are four new - hope you enjoy!

Citadel Runequest: Demons, Rult: A great Runequest mini just perfect for a Nurgle army. Did it with more typical nurgle colors witch I think suited its ragged look.

Citadel Runequest: Demons, Rult

Citadel Runequest: Broo / Beastman: Really cool Broo. Also added a nurgling to the base and got to paint a shield as well. Been a while since I done that. Kept the back & white approach. Quite tricky painting the shield as there where tiny reliefs on it demanding consideration. The idea for the design is the classic nurgle symbol where each relief is in the center of one of the three circles.

Citadel Runequest: Broo / Beastman

Citadel Runequest: Demons, Stalker: Another Runequest demon, this time a Stalker. Kept the palette very simple on this one.

Citadel Runequest: Demons, Stalker

Citadel Fantasy Specials: FS52 Large Statue: This is as the name suggests intended to be a statue. I thought though it would be perfect to this unit as an odd creature. Especially liked that it had a pedestal. Added something extra to the unit. Also on this one I kept the palette simpler focusing on light browns and blues/turquoise. The intention was to have a skin tone like feel with an added creepiness by the blues/turquoise. A little snake was induced as well on the mushroom (not sure which series)

Citadel Fantasy Specials: FS52 Large Statue

That's all for now. Thanks of stopping by!

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