Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Nurgle Warband - Marsh Troll

The latest addition to my Nurgle warband - The Marsh Troll

Marsh Troll
Marsh Troll
Next up is probably the C28 giant Ninefingers

Friday, 24 May 2013

Nurgle Warband - Minotaur (Zebrotaur)

With inspiration from late 80s WD 'eavy metal articles I decided for a more wild approach to the Nurgle warband Minotaur...this became the Zebrotaur. A Minotaur in zebra stripes. The base is intended to be chaos wasteland with the shimmering chaos winds reflected in the bone pale surface of the very north of the old world.

Nurgle Warband - Minotaur 

Nurgle Warband - Minotaur 

Hope you like it!

On the subject of Minotaurs I thought I show some of the favorites metal men from my collection - the 40k Minotaurs. They are just awesome...

40k Minotarus

Next up is a C20 March troll.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Nurgle Warband - Warrior

A chaos warrior for the Nurgle Warband. Doesn't this guy looks similar to the warrior on the front of WFB 1st edition?

Chaos Warrior of Nurgle
Chaos Warrior of Nurgle

Monday, 20 May 2013

Modelling Workshop: Warhammer Inn

Finally it is finished! The warhammer inn that I built in 1991 but never painted.

It's been close a few time that I threw it away but luckily I kept it. I got inspired a few weeks ago by the old Modelling Workshop articles in White Dwarf. This inn is from WD 143 and should actually have a stable as well - well, maybe in another 20 years.

Warhammer Inn
Warhammer Inn
Warhammer Inn
Next buildings I'm planning are a ruined temple, a town house and completing the dwarf mining houses. In the rate I'm keeping I calculated that these project will be finished in 37987 years (...yes I know - very cheesy joke).

No - I will focus on my Chaos Warband for a while (I hope) and next up is a chaos warrior and a Minotaur that I'm planning to paint in zebra stripes or some other animal pattern.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Stunties wiki

I just found a new (new to me) great miniature Wiki - Stunties. This wiki document all dwarfs (and other creatures of similar height) from all manufactures. It amazing the coverage this page has. Highly recommended!

Check it out at:

Nurgle Warband - Beastman

A Beastman I'm going to use (I think) with my Realm of Chaos Nurgle Warband. This is a bit later model but I think this one shows that there were still cool stuff being designed after the golden era even if they were few and far between

Hope you like it.

Nurgle Beastman
By the way: A few of my earlier pics was of quite poor quality so I updated a few of them.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A couple of classic Skavens

Two classic Skavens I painted a few weeks ago. The Leader who is pointing is one of my favorite Skavens and I really like the simplicity of the Poison Wind Globadier. For these I tried light effect - have tried this before without success but thought I give it a new try. Think it turned out ok this time. Might use them for my work in progress Nurgle warband ... I am also thinking about painting a Skaven army for WHB 3rd edition. Have quite a lot of the old minis ... we'll see.

Skaven Poison Wind Globadier
Skaven Leader

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Just for the fun of it!

For me, one of the highlights of the citadel golden age minis is the playfulness. You had quite a few miniatures that seemed to serve no other purpose then just for the fun of it or was created because we can. I am of course talking about beauties such as Chaos Toilet, Inconvenienced Dwarf, The Up the Wall Crew, Space Skeleton and others.

This inspired me in the past weekend to create some modest minis of my own (from various bitz) - In this case only for the purpose of: Just for the fun of it!

Chaos Familiar: A bucket of tentacles
A wheelbarrow of skulls
What do you think?

Monday, 13 May 2013

Homemade 40k Chaos Renegades

You have probably, like I do, a pile of cool old minis with heads, arms, legs sawn off and used for conversions. Or they have just broken and the parts gone missing.

One cure for this is something I started with some years ago is to use the remains of these minis for creating chaos renegades. This is a lot of fun and there are really no limitations except ones own inspiration. Below are two of them.

1) The chaos renegade: Rydolf the Decapitator

Rydolf childhood dream was to saw the head of the imperial Emperor. A lack of drive and focus in his life due to an unhappy upbringing has made that ambition only a far.

This is a old chaos dwarf which had the head and weapon cut of. Half a space marine helmet, a chain saw, some green stuff and Bob's your uncle.

40k Chaos Renegade: Rydolf the Decapitator
40k Chaos Renegade: Rydolf the Decapitator

2) The chaos renegade tech missionary: Irla'kkth the Unholy

Listen to his preaching and be converted ... or die.

This is based on the citadel "Shadow" for Advanced D&D ( This time the arms were missing. A necron weapon and arms fitted perfectly. The backpack/machine is made of a space marine backpack, a noise marine head, an epic mole mortar, a lot of other bits and pieces, green stuff and a fan belt from a Lamborghini Countach plastic model as icing on the cake.

40k Chaos Renegade: Irla'kkth the Unholy
40k Chaos Renegade: Irla'kkth the Unholy
40k Chaos Renegade: Irla'kkth the Unholy
40k Chaos Renegade: Irla'kkth the Unholy

Hope you like 'em.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Slaanesh Warband - Champion

A newly painted slaanesh champion. This is one of my favorite champions - I haven't figured out though what kind of weapon it is - is it a musket or just a big club? Any ideas?

Actually entered this one in the local GW Fang competion in March just for the fun of it. Didn't win anything but very happy with the result - especially the base that got a nice chaos wasteland flavor and works as a nice contrast to the mini.

Slaanesh Champion of Chaos

Slaanesh Champion of Chaos

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Do you have mutant powers...?

...or is your mother a genestealer?

We need to know!

Is it possible to play WFB 3rd edition without oldschool Warhammer buildings?

The answer is: Yes.

However it will be a lot more fun with them. I am currently building a few of them based on the Modelling Workshop articles in White Dwarf from the early 90s. Just finished one of the shacks from WD 132 (pic below). Will build the other shack as well and the mine as soon as I got some more balsa wood.

If you want to get started I can recommend these building from WD 132. They are small, simple and quick to build. I have the article in PDF so drop me an email if you are interested.

In progress is also the Warhammer inn and stables from WD 143.


Shack from WD 132 Modelling Workshop
Thanks Phil Lewis and David Andews!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Nurgle Warband - Ogre

 Nurgle Warband - Ogre

Nurgle Ogre

Nurgle Warband - Beastman

 Nurgle Warband - Beastman

Nurgle Beastman
Nurgle Beastman

Nurgle Warband - Warrior

A warrior for the Nurgle Warband.

Nurgle Warrior

Nurgle Warrior

Nurgle Warband - Sorcerer

First mini for the Nurgle warband based on the Realm of chaos books.

Nurgle sorcerer

Nurgle sorcerer

An ode to oldhammer...

Will not write much but intend to show pics of my citadel collection and newly painted minis. Mostly golden age stuff but also a few other thing like converted inquisitors. Please enjoy!
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