Sunday, 12 May 2013

Slaanesh Warband - Champion

A newly painted slaanesh champion. This is one of my favorite champions - I haven't figured out though what kind of weapon it is - is it a musket or just a big club? Any ideas?

Actually entered this one in the local GW Fang competion in March just for the fun of it. Didn't win anything but very happy with the result - especially the base that got a nice chaos wasteland flavor and works as a nice contrast to the mini.

Slaanesh Champion of Chaos

Slaanesh Champion of Chaos


  1. That base is fantastic, I mean the paint job is stellar as always but the base how do you make them?

    1. Thanks Minitrol! For this one I used a shell/oyster thing for the big blob. Then added various stones, skulls and a mushroom and smoothed it all out with some green stuff. For the painting I based it in grayish brown (quite light color), washed it with a mid-brown and while the wash was still wet did the highlights with bone, green and white. This made the colors float together quite nicely.

    2. Very cool Don thanks for ther break down I may have a go and link you to the results eh?

    3. Yes - please do! Let me know if you want any more details. I'm happy to share. Unfortunately I don't have any work in progress photos for this one. I use quite a lot of tiny shells for my bases. I was lucky and just happended to be on a beach that had the best stuff for basing... /Hans


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