Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Four Year Blog Anniversary - Nurgle Army Time!

On the day four years ago I started this blog. I had no idea what this would lead to. Quite early on though a Nurgle project took shape starting with creating a warband which then evolved into an army. This has since then been my main focus.

So to celebrate the anniversary I thought showing the army so far would be suitable.

There has been other projects as well, in particular the 40k Nurgle warband (link), The Adventure Starter Set (link) and the Exorcists Space Marines (link) but that is for another post.

Thanks for all your visits and comments so far. All very much appreciated and inspiring!!!

So here it is - the Nurgle army so far:

Overall army:

One thing I have done lately but have not posted about is creating movement trays for the units lacking them. Also done an overhaul of the bases to get a more homogene look. This will likely be a never-ending project, adding stuff for a long time ahead. A quick calculation using WFB3 + RoC gives roughly 3400 pts.

Leaders and others:

Still have to paint my army general and army banner (link) but the recent Nurgle Palanquin is the general at the moment. Here flanked by my latest additions. Behind them a few of the older once including a Troll, an Ogre and the Zebrotaur.

Beastmen / Creature unit:

This unit includes mostly C38 Beastmen but also a few random creatures such as the Giant snail. The leader in the Minotaur Lord.

Cavalry unit:

Will use these as Marauder cavalry. All are converted to a lesser or higher degree.

Chaos Dwarfs unit:

The first unit I finished. 14 chaos dwarf.

Thugs / Marauders / Warriors unit:

A mix of Thugs, Marauders and Warriors. Current plan is to paint a lot more of these and have separate unit for the three classes.

Creatures unit:

A mix of creatures and monsters from Citadel and Asgard and even a Giant. Haven't decided what rules to use for these. Possible Beastmen rules.

Whats's next:

With completed units my focus is characters and bigger miniatures. Working on prepping the Citadel Chaos Kegox Dragon at the moment. Will do a post of this soon. A baggage train and war altar is also being worked on.

That's all folks. Hope you have enjoyed my blog so far!


Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Nurgle Army Update: Nurgle Plague Cart

A Nurgle Plague Cart added to the army.

The model can be used with both undead and nurgle armies. As this is a nurgle one I added a face to the otherwise faceless sculpt. Added a chaos familiar and a nurgling to the base as well.

Working on the Chaos Dwarf cannons so these will likely be up next. Also just started prepping the Kegox Chaos Dragon ... this one will take a while

Thanks! /Hans

Citadel C22 Nurgle Plague Cart

Citadel C22 Nurgle Plague Cart

Citadel C22 Nurgle Plague Cart

Citadel C22 Nurgle Plague Cart

Citadel C22 Nurgle Plague Cart

Citadel C22 Nurgle Plague Cart

Citadel C22 Nurgle Plague Cart

Citadel C22 Nurgle Plague Cart

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