Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Crabman!

Finished the Citadel Fiend Factory FF4-1 Crabman.

A very old citadel miniature. Part of the very first releases appearing in White Dwarf 12 (April / May 1979). The sculpts of these old minis varies a lot and I think you would agree this isn't the best. I like it though. In particular what I like with the old and strange is that they open up to your own interpretation and creativity. I.e. A weird mini = a weird paint job :)

Citadel Fiend Factory FF4-1 Crabman

It will be part of my new beast man unit which will probably be more of a creature unit (introduced here)

Found this illustration of it on the oldhammer forum:

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by

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