Thursday, 31 October 2013

Nurgle Army Update: Beast(men) unit WIP:s

Been working on quite a few miniatures at the moment for the Beast(men) unit. Prepping, fixing, mending, converting and basing... This is what's cooking:

1. Three Citadel C38 Beastmen and a Citadel Runequest Unicorn Broo:

The centaur is holding a handle in it's right hand. It seems whatever it's holding is broken off. The only pic I have found of this one is on CCM - that one is in the same state. Does anyone have a pic of this mini or knows what it's suppose to be holding?

Three Citadel C38 Beastmen and a
Citadel Runequerst Unicorn Broo

2. Horse from Citadel C34 Beastmen Raiders/Riders. Don't have the rider for this one so might build something instead:

Citadel C34 Beastmen Raider/Rider

3.  Citadel Fiend Factory Giant Spider with it's base in the making:

Citadel Fiend Factory Giant Spider

4. Citadel Fiend Factory Manticore. Don't have the original wings to took these bits from the GW plastic spawn kit. Will probably add a bit of membrane as well to the wings.

Citadel Fiend Factory Manticore

5. Grenadier Ghost.
Really cool mini. I added some stuff to the sculpt so it looks like it's really part of the ground.

Grenadier Ghost

6. Citadel C38 Beastmen. It was missing the top of the spear so made it to a standard bearer. The standard is a piece of bone...

Citadel C38 Beastman Standard Bearer

Hopefully something painted by the end of the weekend. We'll see /Hans

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Nurgle Army Update: More Beasts and Beastmen

Two more finished this week for the Beast(men) unit.

First one is a C38 Beastman - The Slugman. It was missing its sword so is got an unholy grail of liquid warpstone. The idea with a grail came from a comment by 24_Cigarettes - Thx Sir!

Next one is a Weretiger from the Citadel Fiend Factory range and is called FF70 Weretiger in Beast Form.

(BTW: I added a few more photos in the previous post of the Giant Beatle and the back of the Goatman.)

Fiend Factory Weretiger and C38 Slugman

Fiend Factory Weretiger and C38 Slugman

Beast(men) unit so far

That's all /Hans

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Nurgle Army Update: Beasts and Beastmen

Continued on the Beastmen unit and decided to add some pure beasts to it as well.

My favorite is without a doubt the Giant Snail from the C22 Creature line. I think the sculpt is suburb. Don't know the sculptor, but I'm guessing Nick Bibby.

Added as well is a Giant Beetle from the C29 Creepy Crawlies line and of course another C38 Beastman. This time the Goatman.

Latest additions to the Beastmen unit: C29 Giant Beetle, C38 Goatman
and C22 Giant Snail

C22 Giant Snail
C22 Giant Snail
C22 Giant Snail

C38 Beastman: The Goatman

C38 Beastman: The Goatman

Giant Beetle from the C29 Creepy Crawlies

That's all for this week. Please enjoy! /Hans

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Nurgle Army Update and various bits and pieces

Been working mainly on the beastmen unit but also worked on some ruins.

First out is the C38 Beastmen - Seacamel Man. Basically a hunchbacked bipedal Seahorse. Like the fact that it is the hunch that has plate armor.

Nurgle army: C38 Seacamel Man
Nurgle army: C38 Seacamel Man

Next is a ruin. I finished it off using a lot of pigment powder and pigment fixer. Great products for getting a worn look.

Chaos Wasteland Ruin
Chaos Wasteland Ruin
Chaos Wasteland Ruin

A few things in progress as well.

Another ruin - I have stomped "semi dry" liquid green stuff on it to add a bit of texture:

Chaos Wasteland Ruin

Next additions to the beastmen unit. Slugman, a Giant Snail and Goatman. Going to add a few animals such as the Giant Snail, a Giant beetle and various stuff. Thinks this will add a nice wild touch to the unit and ephasizing the beastmen are more beasts than men.

Thats all for this week / Hans

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Nurgle Army Update: First C38 Beastmen finished

I'm having so much fun!

Starting out with these beastmen I really liked them. Now, I am in love with them. I put in an extra effort on them as well. Especially on the Crabman - I just couldn't stop myself.

Some of them was a bit difficult to get a good result on. E.g. the fur of the Slothman was worn a bit flat. The highlights emphasized this as well. I solved this by after the final highlights do a few thin layers of shading/glazing over the highlights. This hid most of the furs flatness.

Did the base border in bone instead of grey. Not the best for the overall army look. Worked a lot better on these cuties though. Might do the movement tray in grey. I have kept all the solid bases on the minis and tried to integrate them in the base.

Nurgle army: First C38 Beastment finished

Nurgle army: C38 Crabman

Nurgle army: C38 Horseman (a.k.a Ponyboy)

Nurgle army: C38 Camelman

Nurgle army: C38 Slothman

Did a picture frame as well based on the RoC StD Ian Miller page fram.

T-t-t-t-that's all folks!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Nurgle Army Update: Beastmen and Broo (WIP)

In parallel with finishing the existing units for the army I am starting up a new unit. Bestmen using solid base miniatures from C38 Chaos Beastmen and Runequest Broo series.

I really like these minis. Very much for their wackiness - each man a different animal. Like a fantasy chaos zoo.

These are the guys that will be included. The back row are the Runequest ones (oval bases) and the front row the C38 ones (rectangular bases)

Nurgle Beastmen unit with the choosen  minis from
C38 and Runequest Broo series

Finished prepping and priming the first batch yesterday. From left to right:
  • Sea Camel Man
  • Camel Man
  • Goat Man
  • Camel Man
  • Slug Man (Base says Slug Creature)
  • Crab Man
  • Ostrich Man
  • Horse Man

First batch prepped and primed

In formation with a finished Sloth Man. Slug Man doesn't fit on a 25 mm base so he will get a cavalry base.

In formation with a painted Sloth Man

Some of the original cool adds / flyers:

Do you like these old once?

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