Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Nurgle Army Update: Beastmen and Broo (WIP)

In parallel with finishing the existing units for the army I am starting up a new unit. Bestmen using solid base miniatures from C38 Chaos Beastmen and Runequest Broo series.

I really like these minis. Very much for their wackiness - each man a different animal. Like a fantasy chaos zoo.

These are the guys that will be included. The back row are the Runequest ones (oval bases) and the front row the C38 ones (rectangular bases)

Nurgle Beastmen unit with the choosen  minis from
C38 and Runequest Broo series

Finished prepping and priming the first batch yesterday. From left to right:
  • Sea Camel Man
  • Camel Man
  • Goat Man
  • Camel Man
  • Slug Man (Base says Slug Creature)
  • Crab Man
  • Ostrich Man
  • Horse Man

First batch prepped and primed

In formation with a finished Sloth Man. Slug Man doesn't fit on a 25 mm base so he will get a cavalry base.

In formation with a painted Sloth Man

Some of the original cool adds / flyers:

Do you like these old once?


  1. Oh man, these are abolute beauties. They're so charcterful you just want to prep them and paint them as they are. You'll have a lot of joy with these I guess. The sloth man is really creepy the way you did him...
    Their realtive small scale and variety makes them look like coming from some sort of B-series movie

    1. Oh yes - lots of fun. Just built some of the bases and started on the second Camel Man.

      Sloth Man turned out quite ok. Will do a better photo of him soon.

      The different sized is a very good thing I think. Unit with miniatures of different size come to life and looks more dynamic and interesting IMO.


  2. Chaos zoo is a good approach to build a beastmen unit.
    Bravo ;)

    1. Yes - maybe a great unclean one for zoo keeper as well ... :)

      Nico, thanks for stopping by! /Hans

  3. Very very cool.
    I've wanted a slug man of my own since I first saw him in heroes for wargames.
    I thought he was supposed to be carrying a sword; which is shown in the illustration provided.
    That being said, it looks now to me as though he is carrying a cup/chalice; which I find much more nurgle like.
    Looking forward to seeing it finished.

    1. He actually supposed to carry a sword. Broken and missing though. You have me a great Idea! I was planning to just give it a new sword by I am definitely going for a slime filled chalice - an unholy grail. Could also be the theme for the banner and the name of the unit. The Unholy Grail-beasts... :)

      Thanks for the inspiration /Hans

    2. I was thinking the same thing, that they were once chosen champions of nurgle who drank from his plague chalice and were found lacking. They now wander the wastes bound in their hatred eager to add further "brothers" to their cause.
      Or something like that.
      Looking forward to seeing te done especially their bases

    3. Good background - thanks again! /Hans

  4. Now THAT, is a Beastman unit. Very well done.

    1. Isn't it - I might go for a beast-hunt in ebay for some more prey.
      Thanks Warlord Paul /Hans


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