Thursday, 30 March 2017

Nurgle Army Update: Citadel C34 Chaos Demon

A new update to my Nurgle Army.

A chaos demon from the Citadel C34 series released around 1985. I'm not sure but I think this one is a bit rare. One rare thing for sure is the female look which you hardly see on old Citadel creatures.

Went for a very colorful paint job which was a lot of fun to do. The base is basically a shell filled with skulls into which I poured water effect once painted.

Hope you enjoy!

Citadel C34 Chaos Demon
Citadel C34 Chaos Demon

Citadel C34 Chaos Demon

Citadel C34 Chaos Demon


Saturday, 18 March 2017

Citadel Adventurers Starter Set #5: Completed!

Finally completed the Citadel Adventurers Starter Set.

Built myself a scenic base for the set as well. The idea is the entrance into a dungeon. Quite suitable for a set of adventurers I think.

All the miniature paint jobs are based on the artwork on the box. Omitting some details though that I didn't have the patience for like the checkered pattern on the night.

Included a few WIP shots of the base as well.

Citadel Adventurers Starter Set

Citadel Adventurers Starter Set

Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by!
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