Friday, 30 May 2014

Camel Man - Another C38 beastman finished

Finished another Citadel C38 beastman that been standing half painted on my desk for a while. The first one with a shield actually.

There is a quite crude relief on the shied that made it difficult to do a freehand job on it. So settled with a quite simple frame instead. Think it worked out pretty well.

Citadel C38 Beastman: Camel Man!



  1. Brilliant!

    What I especially love about your painting, aside from showing off old models in contemporary and bizarre colour schemes is the subtle colouration of the flesh, particularly around the face and wrists.

    Really inspiring stuff. :)

    1. Thanks Feral!

      ...and what I like to paint is old school stuff in bizarre color schemes :)



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