Saturday, 8 June 2013

Nurgle Warband Update: Chaos Dwarfs

A new update to my Nurgle Warband - a few chaos dwarf. Really enjoyed painting these.

Nurgle Warband: Chaos Dwarfs

The one below (Spikes Harveywotan) was in a general very bad shape and was missing his sword so he needed a bit of TLC and green stuff to be good to go. He also ended up with a tentacle tail.

Chaos Dwarf: Spikes Harveywotan
Chaos Dwarf: Ulfo Bloodmask
Chaos Dwarf: Lufin Bristlebeard

A few more chaos dwarf are coming up so I thought I'd share a WIP photo of these: From left to right - Azakil Bonecruncher, Ekalim The Mad and Belekhost Deathbringer. Ekalim will be the standard bearer of the warband. The pole is finished but not sure yet if I am going to keep the three shields or use banners or maybe both.

From left to right:
Azakil Bonecruncher, Ekalim The Mad and Belekhost Deathbringer

That's all for now. Thx!


  1. What a great group of nicely painted ( and Evil) Dwarfs!
    I also have plans to put together a unit with Chaos Dwarfs.
    So much great miniatures. So little time to paint them...

    1. Thanks! I think you should - It's so much fun painting these evil stunties! /Hans


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