Sunday, 5 December 2021

40k Tzeentch Warband #6: Lord of Change


A new addition to my  RoC Tzeentch Warband: The Lord of Change.

Painted one back in the days but haven't since until now. Find it challenging and a bit boring painting feathers. Turned out ok though in the end.

Same color scheme as for the the rest of the warband. More yellow though to make it stand out a bit.

The idea with the bases are to reflect the realm of chaos and the very magical and changing nature of Tzeentch

 (Next up might include a Rough Trader Space Minotaur...)


Lord of Change

Lord of Change

Lord of Change

Lord of Change + Chaos Renegade


  1. A true Lord of Change with his multicolored wings! The wings are truly a masterpiece, and the effort and patience they cost you are rewarded with success.
    Is the base with skulls and ghosts your own creation?

    1. Many thanks!
      Yep, my own creation. A few bits, green stuff and wood glue :)


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